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Expand your Horizons

through yoga, breathwork, meditation, workshops, healthy food, fun activities and ceremonies

Yoga on Beach

Deepen your Practice Yoga Retreat

Importance of Yoga Retreats

Why you NEED to book a yoga retreat!
Travel with a purpose...

  • Relax, destress and unwind while your hosts are taking care of everything for you

  • Reconnect to your body, mind and soul through conscious movement, meditation and breath work in the company of like-minded people

  • Explore nature and enjoy the pre-booked activities and trips in beautiful locations 

  • Restore your health through the freshly prepared local food

  • Indulge in a completely new experience

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

  • Deepen your Practice Yoga Retreat
    02 Sept, 15:00 CEST – 07 Sept, 10:00 CEST
    Cortijo El Cachete, Unnamed Road, 18300 Loja, Granada, Spain
    Feeling stuck in your yoga practice? It's about time you deepen your asana, meditation, and breathwork practice in a beautiful and peaceful location! A 6-day journey to improve your well-being, expand your knowledge and skills, and connect with nature and people around you.

Meet the Team

2 yoga teachers that met in the UK and who's energy immediately matched, each having something different to offer, came together to create EXPAND Yoga. Our aim is to share the knowledge of yoga and help people live up to their true potential.

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